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We fairly and honestly provide real estate services to all consumers. My motto is “no client left behind” which means we take responsibility in understanding your “BIG PICTURE” regardless of price, annual gross, where you come from, or credit scores. At Level Up Realty, we are committed to dedicated clients who are passionate about advancing to their next level.

We are a full-service real estate firm offering Residential, Property Management, and Commercial Real Estate. When hiring LEVEL UP REALTY as your trusted real estate firm, you will gain nothing less than exceptional service and expertise from our experienced agents and professional partners. Our consultants are well rounded and accredited to serve you with all aspects of your real estate transaction.

Upsurge Realty is culturally responsive, our agents are OUR CULTURE. We promote fair housing practices, affordable housing, and truth in lending. Our principles are positive evidence of diversity inclusion. We openly and proudly support different walks of life, different colors, and different languages. We will be the largest diversified group openly and proudly embracing culture. Our agents have character and they are defined by service and expertise.

We are authentic in our real estate practices and compassionate about serving the community by engaging and creating hope – A philanthropic initiative adopted from our local board of Realtor’s Housing Opportunity Foundation. Check out our LURECARES tab to learn more about our commitment.

​As the CAROLINA’S MILITARY BASE our consultants are the VA Home Loan experts, eager to serve those who served the country.

Licensure:Level Up Realty d|b|a Upsurge Realty
C31173 NC
23881 SC

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